West Midlands Airsoft is a UKARA Registered Site and is a well-established Airsoft Skirmish company with a reputation for excellence. West Midlands Airsoft have always had the player experience at its core and pride ourselves on the high levels of experience and customer service we provide.

We aim to provide a superb and unforgettable airsoft experience at both our Outdoor Woodland site in Staffordshire and our Indoor CQB site in Birmingham. We run a wide variety of game styles from the very intense and immersive to the longer objective based games. Our styles are inclusive of ALL player ability and styles, from the new player to ex SAS!! Come and get involved and we guarantee you will get a gaming experience to remember

Our Marshalls have over 50 year’s combined experience in the airsoft world so you can say that we know our stuff, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything. We have always had great gameplay at the core of West Midlands Airsoft at heart and we’d like to keep it that way so rules are strictly enforced for the safety of all players. However, most importantly we are here to have fun.