Yakuzu Event

Story Line

As the sun went down once and the coke clouds settled, Beudeventura fell silent once more…

Mr. Mysacki was quickly summoned to return to Japan to explain why he had only retrieved one of the diamonds! But rumour is his gang are still present in the city awaiting his return. In the meantime the Los Lobons stand firm in their newly acquired ’embassy’ quickly renamed as ‘Mr.X’s Crib’ in honour of their leader who was brutally stabbed by two of the Moonshine gang whilst in a meeting leaving Mr.Y to take control and prepare for Mr.X’s funeral…

Unfortunately, whilst the Moonshine gang were celebrating Templeton Rye had a bit too much of Grandma’s moonshine and went down the creek for a pee and all that was found was his big toe. This mean’t that his sisters, aunties, uncle’s boyfriend or as we would say ‘right hand man’ Cleetus McDuke was now in charge.  Apparently, the gator that took Templeton was never found but rumour has it that it was a rare Scottish breed with a filthy mouth that was as pretty as a pig! It has not been seen since. Cleetus has put a bounty on its head.

With the death of Commander Nino Pequeno, his surviving Police Officers were returned to normal duties and the large amount of confiscated drugs, money and gold was transferred to the federal reserve whilst Beudeventura local officials decide on the future of COBRA.

And for Klaus? …. Well, he was seen heading for Klaus Manor with a car full of dollar and harry munk!

Will this be the end of Beudeventura? Will Klaus turn to religion? Do the Yakuza still have a finger or two in the city? Will Los Lobon’s live happily ever after? And will the Moonshiner’s ever find that god damn gator!?!

All will be revealed on September 26th 2020! … Bookings open soon for ‘YAKUZA II’, the biggest Gangsta City EVER!

The Mission


  • Gloves and footwear do not fall under team colour requirements.
  • Small and sensible deviations from this chart are allowed but if unsure, please check first. Remember it is you who will be potentially taking friendly fire if the colour chart is not adhered to.
  • Snipers –  Your grille suits/sniper hoods do not fall under uniform requirements.

Event Information

£90 per person

Price includes Event Patch and Entry into a Raffle Prize draw (prize to be confirmed).

£40 deposit per person deposit per person with the balance payable upon arrival to site in CASH

Deposit to be paid via Paypal at the time of booking with the balance to be paid in cash upon arrival to the event. All deposits are non-refundable, unless we cancel / change the event dates.

Event Time Table

Gate 4 Opens Friday 25th September @ 1800hrs & Closes @ 2200hrs.

Re-opens Saturday 26th September @ 0630hrs and closes 0830hrs

Saturday 26th September –  Safety and Game Brief @ 0930hrs. Game on 1100hrs

Sunday 27th September – End X @ 1100hrs
Gates Locked 1230hrs


Mid/ Low caps only.  No High Caps unless you are running with a support weapon. You may also carry loose ammo.

Things to Remember

  • Pyro – Only Pyro bought on site can be used on site – No Exceptions.
  • There will be a Burger van located near gate 4 (our entrance)
  • There will be an onsite shop located in the guard house at gate 4. This will stock a wide selection of Ammo, Pyro’s, accessories, drinks and snacks.  (card payment accepted for all shop purchases).
  • It’s hard routine so that means you need your own food water etc for a 24hr Op.
  • Car share where possible.
  • You will be operating from your fob which will be water tight but cold at night pack accordingly and there is no power so think about batteries etc.
  • Sleep in game –  You will be using your allocated FOB’s so eye protection MUST be worn at all times during the event.  Players can choose to sleep in their vehicle if they wanted.
  • Make sure you have your filled in waiver ready to hand with your balance at booking in and we only take CASH for the balance payments.
  • Remember it’s a 24hr Op not a month Op so don’t go bringing the kitchen sink!!

Game Rules


Insurance Waiver


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