Fri 8th May | Sat 9th May


The festival takes its name from the long running North V South Big Game, which originated as a one day event and has grown into the NvS 3day festival we see today – with the North V South Big Game taking place on the Sunday.

Were often asked “Where’s the divide?” “What side should I be?” etc. Its simple. You decide!

We are all a little bit tribal at heart, and a great part of the NvS event is how we stoke that rivalry, and how the two sides respond to it.

Yes we know that historically it has been a paintball only event, but 2 years ago we decided to offer the Airsoft community the NvS concept, the fantastic venue, and the amazing festival vibe that the event produces, with a parallel 3 day festival !

Since then it has gone from strength to strength! For 2020 we are delighted to be the Primary Airsoft Games Delivery partner, and the event has received fantastic increased interest and support from the wider Airsoft industry, media, and community. We will deliver a superb full 3 day airsoft programme including an immersive battlesim style event on the Friday night and Saturday called Operation Dark Horizon.  Then on Sunday we’ll finish the weekend off with the North V South 3TRIBES big game.  We are planning to host some 400 airsoft players for this weekend!

Friday Afternoon of the festival also offers rolling airsoft mini games on a great area, delivered by Ace Airsoft – and the weekend also hosts a third separate events programme with “Deadzone” from – a 3 day scare/larp weekend.

So we can all expect an eclectic mix of gamers and festival goers, and great vibe around the campsite, party, trade, and other public areas – with a multitude of specialist events delivered by professional event operators, taking place in some incredible game areas all over the 700 acre facility !

So choose North or choose South – doesn’t matter where you live – what does your heart say?

The Story Line

13th January 2020

Al-swina local radio station reports that pockets of violence have erupted in multiple locations along the outskirts of the city and that a UN convoy attempting to leave the city has been attacked by a large number of armed unknown fighters resulting in numerous killings and the disappearance of the convoy Vehicles.

16th January 2020

NATO confirm that the attacked convoy was carrying numerous missiles and  the dreaded nerve agent nz13 which was discovered it late December 2019 by American military forces conducting raids within the city. The nerve agent and missiles where quickly secured and moved to an unknown military location.

06th May 2020

Credible Intel shows that the missiles and nz13 agent are in Southern Libya and in the possession of the Abtu rebel front (ABR) who intend to use the missiles on western soil.

08th May 2020

With the ABR identified as a clear and present danger to the West, American special Forces are deployed into the area in an attempt to recover the missiles and the nz13 nerve agent at all costs…….

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