Booking Terms & Conditions

All of our events on Military Training sites are strictly over 18 years of age only.

The military training area’s we use are very active. West Midlands Airsoft is an approved third party training area user. The use of the training area for all West Midlands Airsoft Events has been approved and booked for the specified dates.

However, there is always a possibility that unforeseen military training requirements receive priority over any of our events (as a non military booking), in which case some or all of the training area could become unavailable to us.

We would expect to receive a minimum of 3 week’s notice should this eventuality arise.

There is always a risk that increased military commitments can take priority. In this unlikely (but possible) scenario West Midlands Airsoft reserve the right to re-schedule the event for a later date, or (more likely), switch to a back up venue for the same weekend. We have an alternative venue available in case of emergency. NO REFUNDS or compensation for travel, accommodation, or other losses arising will be offered if the event date or venue must be changed at any time. If the event is cancelled completely with no alternative venue or date available a full refund will be given.