Covid Rules

Due to the current Situation, we are following government guidelines and PHE guidance on how to operate our site safely and wherever possible minimising risk to our players and staff. Due to this we have introduced the following additional site rules and changes in order to manage any risks effectively, and ask ALL players and site visitors to carefully read the below information and adhere to these additional safety measures AT ALL TIMES when on our site please.

Additional Safe-Zone and General Site Rules

  2. Until further notice we will ‘cap’ the maximum number of players on site at each game. To book your place at one of our events you must book on via our website. Once you have made your booking you will receive an email back to confirm you have booked. (please check your spam folder) Until further notice we will not be accepting any walk on’s so please do not turn up to site and expect to play if you have not made a booking.
  3. Any persons displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 must NOT attend our site please (coughing, respiratory fatigue, high temperature/fever etc). Also if you are self isolating because a family member is currently ill or displaying any symptoms again please do not attend our site. Our staff reserve the right to refuse ANY person attending that appears unwell or displaying any symptoms that under government guidance is currently linked to Covid-19.
  4. Any person who is currently considered ‘at risk’ or should be self isolating or ‘shielding’ for any medical reasons, whether they are displaying symptoms of the illness or not must NOT attend the site please. This is for your own safety.
  5. To support social distancing we will be spreading the players equally throughout the safe zone. The marshals on site will be allocating the space when you arrive and we would ask all players to follow the instructions given. *** Please adhere to social distancing when parking and walking to and from the car park – with the reduced numbers of players on site, as per rule 1 above, there will be plenty of space to do this safely ***
  6. Insurance waivers and UKARA Registration Forms will not be provided on site to fill in on the day until further notice. All forms are available on this website and we ask all players to print the required forms off BEFORE attending the site and to complete the forms and bring them with them on the day. We will not be providing any pens on site for obvious health and safety reasons. Players will not be able to book in and play without the required forms.
  7. Our safe zone now has clear markings on the ground for the entrance and exit to the site and gaming area. Please follow these directions when entering or leaving the safe zone to avoid ‘bottle necking’ or avoidable close contact with other players.
  8. During the safety brief and game briefings all players will be required to adhere to the social distancing rules. Marhsals will be monitoring this, so please don’t take offence if a marshal or other site staff member asks you to move your position if they see a breach of this.
  9. We are not able to provide the usual lunchtime food to players nor will we be able to provide hot drinks on site at present. Please bring your own lunch and hot drinks if you require them. The site shop will still be selling snacks and cold drinks as normal as these do not pose the same cross contamination risks as the above.
  10. We STRONGLY ADVISE that players bring with them a lower face covering that they wear whilst out of game around the safe zone area.
  11. When booking in to the site or collecting hire weapons you will see clearly marked queuing lanes leading to the Booking-In Office and Hire Shop once you enter the safe zone. Players must adhere to these lanes and MUST adhere to the social distancing rule whilst queuing for the above reasons.
  12. There will be a hand sanitation station at the entrance to the safe zone, we would ask all players to sanitise their hands every time they enter the safe zone. Hand sanitiser will be provided.
  13. Male Toilet – No more than 2 people in the toilet at any one time. There will only be one urinal and one cubical available for use.
    Female Toilet – Only one person in the toilet at any one time. Only one cubical will be available for use.
    Both male and female toilets will be sanitised before, during and after each event.

Additional In-Game Rules

  1. All players must where possible adhere to social distancing when in game. We appreciate at times that may be difficult but none the less we would expect players to do their best to achieve this. With the site being 120 Acres and a cap on player numbers we feel this request is more than achievable. Our in-game marshals will be monitoring this, so please don’t be offended if our staff pull you up on this if they feel that yourself or players around you are too close at any time.
  2. No ‘knife kills’ or physical player contact is allowed at any time for obvious reasons.
  3. Our medic rules have been updated to avoid physical contact now, and the new player medic rules will be explained to players as part of the morning game brief before each event.

Finally, we take our customer and staff health and wellbeing very seriously and we would ask everyone to adhere to these rules while on site.

All West Midlands Airsoft Marshals/ Staff have received additional training in relation to Covid-19.

We look forward to seeing everyone on site very soon.