Story Line

October 2019, with NATO forces mostly withdrawn from the middle east after nearly 2 decades of conflict, the worlds focus is now drawn towards remerging issues from Russia and China. Using this almost complete withdrawal of Western forces from the region, a small extremist group, calling themselves Al-Swina Rebel Front (ARF), formed from the remnants of several fractured terrorist cells in the area gains a foot hold in a small middle eastern town and decides to use this withdrawal to expand quickly in a wave of rapid dominance.

With plans to enter the world stage and establish themselves as a major power within the Middle East as quickly as possible, plans are put into motion to steal a number of uranium rods that according to local sources are being transported by a covert UN

NATO escort force from a neighbouring country after a uranium enrichment program under the command of a rogue military commander was discovered and dismantled under a recent UN Treaty.

Within hours of the rods being moved out of the country this group quickly attacks the convoy as it crosses the boarder and secures the rods, killing some of the NATO escort force and taking the remaining troops as hostages should a counter attack be mounted. The rods and prisoners are transported to sites across their local area for storage and refinement while the final stages of the group’s armament and dirty bomb production facilities are completed.

Intent on keeping the incident out of the worlds press and re-igniting tensions in the region, NATO reacts by scrambling a small reconnaissance force highly trained in nuclear weapons tasked with gathering local intel and confirming the location of the uranium rods. Unfortunately within the first 6 hours of deploying into the area contact has been lost and their current status and location is unknown resulting in America and Britain mobilizing task force black a tier 1 sf unit comprising of American seals and British Sbs into the area call sign Dark angel.

With intel sparse at this point NATO’s primary goal will be to secure a forward operating base in the area, rescue any surviving members of the reconnaissance unit and gain a foothold in the region. Once this has been achieved NATO forces will need to start to push on into enemy controlled territory, locate the rods and other key structures and facilities, and if they are still alive rescue any remaining members of the initial covert NATO escort team. Once these objectives are complete ARF’s stronghold will need to be targeted and destroyed. If sufficient objectives and intel have been successfully recovered and completed over the course of the operation this will allow NATO to call in and deploy a much more powerful arsenal of support weaponry when the time comes for the final push.

Al-Swina Rebel Front (ARF) primary goal will be to protect and retain their newly acquired uranium rods at all costs, fortifying the local area and repelling NATO’s insurgency. Captured troops are valuable and the longer they can hold them the greater the intel they may yield. If NATO do manage to set a foothold in this region then their focus will switch to disruption and guerrilla tactics while vital refinement objectives are completed and their dirty bombs are completed ready for distribution out of the region. This is ARF’s land and as such their access to heavy weaponry and vehicles will give them significant advantages both in ambush and surprise attack tactics, and hopefully give them sufficient time to complete their primary and secondary missions. If they fail to defend key structures and lose vital intel though this may tip the balance of power back towards the NATO task force and allow them to reinforce their units with more powerful weaponry via vital supply drops.

Make no mistake NATO forces will start on the back foot and require an organised and aggressive approach in the first stages of this operation if they wish to have any chance of overall victory. However if they can operate effectively and quickly they will soon set a beachhead and be able to exert their pressure on ARF, with additional vehicle, troops and heavy weaponry support to push back and reduce ARF control of the area, while making any final assault significantly easier.

ARF’s strength relies on maintaining control and disrupting NATO’s advance. If they can keep up the pressure and react quickly they can slow NATO’s advance, deny them access to vital heavy weaponry, additional troops and vehicle support, and get the dirty bombs finished and shipped out in time. Effective blocking of NATO’s advancing objectives will also deny them access to additional support and make any attack on their stronghold significantly weaker, or potentially even pointless.

Dress Codes


Task Force – MTP


Al-Swina Rebel Front (ARF) –  Any Camo but MTP, Grey or Tan


  Mercs (QRF) – Grey or Tan only



Chest Rigs/ Gloves/ footwear and headwear do not fall under team colour requirements.

Snipers –  Your grille suits/sniper hoods do not fall under uniform requirements.

Event Information

£75 per person

(any player that attended Gangsta city 2019 will receive a further £5 discount)

£40 deposit per person with the balance payable upon arrival to site in CASH

Deposit to be paid via Paypal at the time of booking with the balance to be paid in cash upon arrival to the event. All deposits are non-refundable, unless we cancel / change the event dates.

Event Location

Swynnerton Training Camp
Cold Meece,
ST15 0QQ

(Access for this event is Via GATE 4 ONLY)

Event Time Table

Gate 4 Opens Friday 4th October 1800 hrs and closes 2200hrs

Gate 4 re opens on Saturday 5th October  0600hrs, closes 0800hrs

Safety Brief 0930hrs

Saturday 5th October game starts 1100hrs

Sunday 6th October end X 1100hrs

Gates locked Sunday 8th September 1230hrs


Mid/ Low caps only.  No High Caps unless you are running with a support weapon. You may also carry loose ammo.

Things to Remember

  • Pyro – Only Pyro bought on site can be used on site – No Exceptions.
  • There will be a Burger van located near gate 4 (our entrance)
  • There will be an onsite shop located in the guard house at gate 4. This will stock a wide selection of Ammo, Pyro’s, accessories, drinks and snacks.  (card payment accepted for all shop purchases).
  • It’s hard routine so that means you need your own food water etc for a 24hr Op.
  • Car share where possible.
  • You will be operating from your fob which will be water tight but cold at night pack accordingly and there is no power so think about batteries etc.
  • Sleep in game –  You will be using your allocated FOB’s so eye protection MUST be worn at all times during the event.  Players can choose to sleep in their vehicle if they wanted.
  • Make sure you have your filled in waiver ready to hand with your balance at booking in and we only take CASH for the balance payments.
  • Remember it’s a 24hr Op not a month Op so don’t go bringing the kitchen sink!!

Game Rules


Insurance Waiver


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