Mobile Facility

Are you looking for something different to impress your friends or clients?

Then why not look at our new Mobile Airsoft Ranges where we come to you.

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Regardless the type of event you’re Hosting or running, whether it’s a birthday in your garden for friends and family or a large corporate event we have a Mobile Airsoft Range that will suit your needs.  As long as you have the space, we have the range.

WM Airsoft Mobile Facility
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mobile ranges

We currently have two mobile ranges available for use and carry an array of Airsoft Weapons and Interactive Target systems to suit any style of event.

We hold £5m Public Liability insurance for our Mobile Range Events and a full risk assessment will be completed prior to the commencement of the event.

A copy of our insurance and risk assessment is available upon request.

mobile facility safety

  • Firstly our range will be enclosed on all sides, this will encapsulate all spent ammo to ensure the safety of all users and spectators. (spent ammo will be cleared and taken off site after the event)
  • All RIF’s (realistic imitation Firearms) will be chained to tables to ensure they can only be pointed down range.
  • Ammo used on the range will be 6mm plastic BB’s
  • There will be no loaded RIF’s outside of the range area
  • RIF’s will only be loaded by our Experienced range supervisors
  • No participant of the range will be left unsupervised with any loaded/ unloaded RIF.
  • Targets used on the range are specially adapted to absorb the impact of the BB
  • All participants will be given a safety brief by an instructor before entering the range
  • All participants will wear ballistic glasses
  • We would have a staffing ratio of 1 to 2 on the range at all times
  • All RIF’s will be transported to and from the venue in secure and locked cases
  • All staff on site will be in uniform and easily identifiable

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