Site Rules and Regs

Prior to the commencement of any of our events there will be a full and detailed Safety Brief given to all attendees.

Outlined Site Rules and Regs

  • Min age – 11 years old, anyone aged 11-12 years must have a parent or guardian on site at all times. Anyone under the age of 16 must be signed in by a parent or guardian.
  • We recommend full face masks, gloves and boots are worn by all players. Under 18 – Mandatory full face protection will be required
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times unless in the Safe Zone
  • All weapons MUST be cleared before entering the safe zone
  • No dry firing of any weapon is allowed in the safe zone
  • Any property left on site is left at the owners risk although all area’s of our safe zone is covered by CCTV and there is always at least 1 marshal in the safe zone at all times.

FPS Limits and BB weights

  • All weapons will be subject to chrono prior to use on our site. All weapons will be chrono’d in FPS and using .2’s that we will provide.
  • AEG’s and pistol – 350 FPS –
  • HC2 is a semi only site and the MAX BB weight you can use is a .25
  • Anyone caught using a hot gun or heavy ammo will be removed from site

Pyro:- Over 18’s only

  • All pyro must be thrown under arm – As long as you can see where it will land its fine to throw
  • Single use pyro – Max Mk5
  • Re usable pyro – 209 primers, 9mm blank are fine to use

    If you bring anything different to the site please speak to a member of staff.