Went to High Command today for the first time with a group of mates, one of the best sites I’ve been to. The really tight CQB in certain areas is amazing they have done well with the placement of walls and tarps to create some amazing mazes, the odd couple of long shooting lanes. But also make it so the site doesn’t bottleneck much like some sites.

The games modes were a refreshing change compared to other sites and even the type of game modes, I had played at other sites this site managed to twist and modify them well to fit with the sort of fast paced gameplay that this site offers.

Also, I love the shields they have placed around which are also a nice and great addition to the field that do really save your ass when you go around a corner.

Greatly run, great marshals and owner. Great shop that covers all your needs, they all seem like a relaxed chilled bunch. Safe zone is a nice fit and well sized. Will definitely be playing there again.