Would be what I would answer to anyone who asked to sum up WMA’s site “The FOB” in one word.

Firstly however, I would like to thank Paul, Rob, the rest of the site staff and marshals (sorry names escape me) and the players who were amazing. You all made me, and the chaps feel very welcome and at home which was nice. The pulled pork burger at lunch was the icing on the cake!!

Myself and a few of the guys from the site I run up north decided to come and give it a go (I recently moved down to Uttoxeter so had the perfect place for us to crash Saturday night after a few beers on our away trip)

Now we only numbered 4 of us however we were the expeditionary force – next time we will be back in larger numbers (just like sandmen)

It was a fantastic away day for us – coming from a small 19-acre site to game at a 120-acre site sure opened our eyes (the safe zone alone is big enough to have a battle scenario!!)

There was really good gameplay from everyone on site. Coming from marshalling a site myself (and the guys who came with me are some of my player marshals) we naturally had one eye open to spot anything. Safe to say as we had expected – nothing was noticed, and we were able to have an amazing game.

To this end, I look forwards to coming back “down south” – well you’re more southern than Warrington which for us northerners is, well south, with a larger group of lads from my site. We will certainly enjoy ourselves.

Thanks West Midlands Airsoft for making it a great day out.