“Been to both F.O.B and High Command now, both great sites! Staff are friendly as well as the players. Marshalling is great, and the games are fluid and can be adapted to suit the number of players. Can’t wait until the next game! (Though will make sure I bring”

David Cunningham

“Great day at the high command site, enjoyable well marshalled games and a really fun and interesting setup of rooms and other areas. Great facilities such as hot food and cold drinks.”

Alex Wray

“Awesome company, awesome sites, awesome staff, all very friendly and approachable, I will definitely keep coming back.”

Tez Wogan

“Loved it! Great day great Staff very well run. Games kept moving fast was no time to sit around. I’m aching this morning. Will be returning again and again with the squad. Well done lads keep it up. Can’t wait to see the CQB site.”

Chris Knapper

“Brilliant day very friendly staff and well run. Definitely going for a return visit ASAP”

Simon Blair

“First time doing airsoft and was the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Brodie Owen

“This is by far my favourite place. Great venue but the staff make this such a great experience. The club has the community feel that so many others are missing.”

Ben Nathan

“Had an amazing time at the CQB site it’s going to be my weekly event thanks WM Airsoft.”

Ashley Griffiths

“My first time at airsoft and loved it the staff were great and really helpful which enhance my overall experience, highly recommended.”

Jonathan Holden

“Awesome site the games are well organised, and the marshals do a great job. Best airsoft day yet.”

Chris Sherratt

“First visit today. Very friendly staff. Brilliantly run games and very well thought out maps. Can happily say one of the best airsoft experiences I have had. Big thanks to the team”

Stefan Higgs

“Great site, this place is huge! The marshals are a top group as well and actually address issues unlike some sites…if you go to West Midlands Airsoft you won’t be disappointed, fast paced jungle warfare…topped off with pulled pork”

Andrew Sanders

“Bloody Brilliant day that was run phenomenally well, fantastic site, excellent marshals and tasty food!”

Dan Larner

“Great site, a lot bigger than expected. Plus, helicopters! Lads even pushed me van out the mud at end of day after getting stuck. Good day was had.”

Ryan Poole

“Brilliant day today see you next time happy shooting”

Leo Dennis

“Well the Black Flag Airsoft Team went to WMA for an away day and what an away day it was. We were made to feel very welcome by an excellent marshalling team who kept the games coming thick and fast. The site is natural woodland with gentle hills and”

John Whitaker

“Spot on day today. Played against a great set of lads. Well organised. Good setup.”

Luke Murray

“23rd of April first time I’ve been, and I really enjoyed myself with Robert Hemmings.”

Gary Stevenson

“First time there Sunday and what a fantastic day it was. Brilliant site, brilliant marshal, brilliant food and brilliant play from both sides. Couldn’t find a fault with the entire day.”

Karl Morgan

“First time there Sunday and what a fantastic day it was. Brilliant site, brilliant marshal, brilliant food and brilliant play from both sides. Couldn’t find a fault with the entire day”

Karl Morgan

“Great staff, great players, everyone was really friendly and easy to get on with, as a first-time player it was really fun!”

George Weston

“Wicked day, great site, good players excellent marshals. Will be seeing you again soon! Thanks.”

Adam Small

“Great day first time there. Will definitely go back very friendly and helpful top place. Thanks to all the staff and marshals.”

Andy Martin

“Great day. Fun for all. Will be going back again real friendly atmosphere well run and safe.”

Bob Garwood